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Top-rated Electrical Contractor in Seattle - Expert Electrical Services

We are locally owned and operated Electrical Contractor .

All of our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our installation services are always done promptly and safely.

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Are you in search of top-notch electrical services in the Seattle area? Look no further!

Total Power Company is your premier electrical contractor in Seattle, offering a wide range of expert electrical solutions.

Our dedicated team of certified professionals has over 5 years of experience and has completed over 100 projects across 150+ coverage areas, making us the go-to choice for all your electrical needs.

We Are top rated licensed electricians in Seattle

Licensed Electricians In Seattle

When it comes to electrical services, expertise matters; our team of expert electricians is dedicated to ensuring the safety and functionality of your electrical systems. 

Whether you need indoor or outdoor lighting, generator systems, circuit upgrades, troubleshooting, or any other electrical service, we have the skills and knowledge to do the job efficiently and effectively. 

We only use the highest quality materials and components, and our work is backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If you are looking for expert electricians in Seattle, contact us today for a free consultation or call us. We would happily answer any of your questions and help you get the electrical work you need.

Comprehensive Electrical Services in Seattle

Total Power Company is the premier electrical contractor in Seattle, offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses alike. We are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable, affordable electrical services.

Electrical Inspections

We rely on us to meticulously inspect your home or business’s electrical system. We’ll identify potential hazards and offer recommendations for repairs or upgrades.

Electrical Repairs

Our experts can quickly resolve any electrical issues in your residential or commercial space, from a tripped breaker to a faulty outlet.

Electrical Installations

Whether it’s new electrical wiring, outlets, light fixtures, or even appliances, we have the expertise to install them seamlessly.

Electrical Upgrades

Improve your electrical system’s safety, efficiency, and functionality with our tailored upgrade solutions.

Electrical Maintenance

Keep your electrical system in top condition with regular maintenance from our skilled professionals. Prevent problems and ensure optimal performance.

Light Installation:

Need new lights? We’ve got you covered. Our team can efficiently install various light fixtures to brighten up your space.

Residential Electrical Service

Count on us for top-notch electrical contractor for your home. We cover everything from inspections to repairs and installations.


Commercial Electrical Service

For your business’s electrical needs, our services extend to comprehensive inspections, repairs, installations, and upgrades.

Need to find a reliable Electrician to fix your home or Office? Wait no longer!

Seattle's Premier Electrical Contractor

One name stands out when you think of the best electrical service provider in Seattle: Total Power Company. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we have solidified our position as Seattle’s premier electrical contractor since 2019.

Our journey has been driven by a passion for delivering top-tier service and forging lasting relationships with homeowners and businesses.

Seattle's Premier Electrical Contractor

From Trusted Beginnings to Established Excellence

Our journey began in 2019, and since then, we have become synonymous with unparalleled electrical expertise. 

At Total Power Company, we’ve gone above and beyond to win the trust and admiration of the Seattle community. Our reputation as the best electrical company in town is founded on our consistent track record of exceptional service delivery.

Committed to Excellence

Our unyielding commitment to delivering exceptional service sets us apart from our competitors. Every project we undertake is an opportunity to showcase our dedication and expertise. 

Our electricians in Seattle are not just good at their job; they are passionate about it. We believe that excellence is not just something we strive for; it is something we expect from ourselves every time.


Trusted by Homeowners and Businesses Alike

Both homeowners and businesses trust us because we understand their unique needs. We can help you keep your family safe at home or meet the electrical demands of your business. We are the name that you can trust for all of your electrical needs.

How to Choose the best electricians in Seattle

When selecting an electrical service provider, making an informed choice is crucial. Here are key factors to keep in mind:

  • Experience and Expertise: When it comes to electrical services, experience matters; look for a provider like Total Power Company with a proven track record and a team of skilled professionals. Their years of expertise ensure your electrical needs are handled precisely and carefully.


  • Licensing and Insurance: Pay attention to compliance. Choose an electrical Contractors that possesses the required licenses and follows industry regulations. Also, make sure they have proper insurance coverage. This safeguards you from potential risks and reflects your commitment to safety and professionalism.
  • Customer Reviews: Listen to the experiences of others. Check out customer reviews and testimonials to understand the provider’s reputation. A company with a satisfied customer base, such as Total Power Company with over 100 happy clients, will likely deliver dependable service.

  • Response Time: Emergencies can happen at any time. Prioritize a provider known for quick responses, even during non-business hours. A fast and reliable response during critical situations can relieve stress and prevent further damage.

  • Transparent Pricing: Clarity in pricing is crucial. Opt for a provider that presents clear and straightforward pricing structures, ensuring no unexpected fees down the line. We are commitment to affordability means you can trust our pricing.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: You deserve personalized attention. Choose a provider that focuses on your needs, communicates openly, and tailors their services accordingly. We exemplify this approach, making you the center of their operations.
  • Innovation and Technology: Stay ahead with modern solutions. Select a provider that stays updated with industry advancements and incorporates cutting-edge technology into their services. This guarantees efficient execution and up-to-date techniques.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Supports Sustainability. Consider a provider that integrates eco-friendly practices into their work. Our company Total Power understands the importance of environmentally responsible solutions that align with your needs and the planet’s well-being.

Industrial Electrician Seattle: Powering Your Business

Total Power Company isn’t just about residential services. Our expertise extends to industrial electrical needs as well. 

As an industrial electrician in Seattle, we understand businesses’ unique challenges. Whether it’s equipment installations, wiring, or maintenance, we have the experience to keep your operations running smoothly.

Customer-Focused Electrical Services

 customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything. We understand that your home and business are valuable assets, and we prioritize your safety and security. 

Our comprehensive home electrical inspections, maintenance services, and upgrades are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical systems are in top-notch condition.

Why Choose Total Power Company

On-Time Service

We understand the importance of timely service. When you choose Total Power Company, you can count on us to arrive on time and complete the job within the agreed-upon timeframe.

Certified Professionals

Our team of electricians is fully certified and trained to handle a wide range of electrical tasks, ensuring that every project is executed to the highest industry standards.

5+ Years Experience

With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Total Power Company brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project we undertake.

100+ Projects Completed

Our track record speaks for itself. We have completed over 100 projects, from simple electrical repairs to complex installations.

150+ Coverage Areas

No matter where you are in the Seattle area, Total Power Company has you covered. Our extensive coverage ensures that our services are accessible to many customers.

100+ Satisfied Customers

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We take pride in the positive feedback from our satisfied clients, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Project Gallery

Check out our project gallery to see some of the impressive work we’ve done for our clients. From intricate lighting installations to complex electrical system upgrades, our portfolio showcases our dedication to excellence.

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Serving electric service in Seattle with Pride

 As a local electrical contractor, we proudly serve the Seattle community. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a trusted partner for all your electrical needs.

Local Expertise, Global Standards: As a local electrical company, we understand the unique needs and dynamics of the Seattle area. Our team of skilled electricians is well-versed in the intricacies of the local electrical landscape. 

However, our commitment to quality and reliability adheres to global standards. This blend of local expertise and international excellence sets us apart as a trusted partner.

electric service

Quality That Defines Us –  Quality is more than a buzzword; it’s a core value guiding our actions. From the moment you engage with us to the completion of your project, our commitment to delivering the highest quality shines through. 

We take pride in adhering to the strictest industry standards, ensuring that our solutions are effective and built to last.

Reliability That You Can Count On: When you entrust your electrical needs to us, you choose reliability you can count on. Our team of skilled electricians is not just knowledgeable; they are dependable professionals who prioritize your satisfaction. 

Our promise of reliability extends to every interaction, every solution, and every project we undertake.

Our process is simple yet effective -----


We understand your needs and provide tailored solutions.


Our experts create a comprehensive plan for the project.


We bring the plan to life with precision and attention to detail.


The project is completed on time, meeting your expectations.

Client Testimonials

Shams W.Pawel

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Shams W.Pawel

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Shams W.Pawel

It is a paradisematic country, in which roasted parts of sentences fly into your mouth. Even the all-powerful Pointing has no control about

Ready to experience the Total Power Company difference? Call Us today for all your electrical service requirements. Whether it’s a minor repair or a major installation, our team is here to provide you with expert solutions that you can rely on.

frequently asked questions

Total Power specializes in various electrical services, including installations, repairs, maintenance, wiring, lighting solutions, safety inspections, and more.

 Yes, Total Power is a licensed and insured electric contractor in Seattle, ensuring compliance with regulations and protecting both our team and your property.

Total Power brings over 5 years of experience, with a proven track record of completing 100+ projects across Seattle.

 We proudly serve a broad coverage area in Seattle, catering to residential and commercial electrical needs across 150+ locations.

 Our quick response team is equipped to handle emergencies promptly, providing reliable and efficient solutions.

Yes, our team comprises licensed and certified professionals who are experts in their field, ensuring the highest quality of work.

 Yes, we believe in transparent pricing. Our estimates are clear and comprehensive, without any hidden fees.

You can easily request a quote or schedule a consultation by contacting us at (206)601-9948 or email us 

  Our customer-focused approach, experienced professionals, proven track record, and commitment to excellence make us a standout choice.

We have expertise in residential and commercial projects, catering to a diverse range of electrical needs.